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The first thing to remember, no matter what the shoulder-monkey of your mind will be telling you, is that it's not personal.

Whilst the circumstances may be real, it's not a reflection of you as a person. What is individual though, is how you respond to the circumstances, usually driven by fear, anger or depression.

And these reactions will control you until you become aware of them - then you have a choice whether to give them the power or to reclaim it for yourself.

I can help you do that.

Without crystal clarity around what you’d love, you may create goals that merely feed your sense of “incompleteness”

For example: 

If you feel “not good enough”, you're likely to set ever more demanding targets, then push and push in an attempt to force the results you want - in some cases, you'll even create a degree of success, but still not feel “good enough”, and the cycle continues.

Instead, if you recognise you’d love to be healthy (as an example), and are aware that you tend to believe you're not good enough, rather than set very stretching goals (in order to “not be un-healthy”), you can chose to focus on health and just receive whatever wisdom flows to you (which may even be to rest today!).

Clarity on your true desires, and awareness of current reality (including your unconscious beliefs), allows you to choose where to put your focus - you can choose to focus on what you’d love or on your sense of incompleteness. And because it’s always a choice, it does require some will to choose what you’d love

That’s what I help my clients with – clarity, awareness, and loving accountability.

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