You are a Being having a Human experience

If, maybe deep in your heart, you know this to be true, I’d love to help you re-connect with your Being, in service to your Human and to Humanity at large.

The world needs awakening souls like you.

Your Being came here for a reason, for a purpose.

Let me be your guide in discovering your Soul purpose, and living your Human life from that space.

“Thank you for reconnecting me to me; reminding me to shine my light freely, unashamedly and un-apologetically!”
S-J A – Mother, Leader and Light
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Unity and Duality

What does that even mean?

Ultimately we are all One – even human science acknowledges that at the quantum level.

That’s Unity – whole, perfect, complete, ineffable.

This is the space of your Being – at one and the same time, you are your unique “drop in the ocean” of that Oneness, and the entirety of that ocean.

But most of us have forgotten this.

And then you chose to bring your drop of the ocean, your Being, to have the Human ride you’ve already been on, and will have in the future - warts and all, pain and joy - in order to experience the contrast to that perfection.

That’s Duality – the beautiful dance of your Human and your Being.

Why Awakening Freedom?

My greatest wish is for “a flowering of the awareness of duality, across the planet”.

Why would I wish for the contrast of Duality rather than the grace of Unity?

Because without an awareness of Duality, our default is to live our lives wholly in our Human - with all our flaws and foibles, and all those thoughts, feelings, definitions and beliefs that we hold to be “true” about ourselves.

My mission is to open you up to Duality, as a portal to Unity.

To awaken you to the freedom that resides in living a Human life, more and more connected to, and led by, your Being

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