About Stuart

Intuition Guide and ex-accountant - Natural Success accredited Coach, Core Process Master Practitioner and Talent Dynamics Practitioner.

After 30 years as an accountant, I finally saw the light, acknowledged my own awakening, and became a seeker after wisdom; only to discover that I was already the very one I was seeking.

So are you.  

And I’ve love to guide you along the path to self-awareness

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Purpose, Mission and Impact

I believe that you, and I, chose to come to this planet, for a reason.

At one level our purpose is merely to experience the richness of life with all its pain and joy, to live and be. But there are also things we would love to create during our human experience, our mission(s) if you will.

Slowly but surely I’ve come to realise that my Mission is to create transformational ripples of consciousness around the planet.

That’s why I love working with enlightened small business owners: supporting you to bring your business to life and helping you make it “sustainable” so that it continues to serve you and everyone else it touches, for many years to come.  In doing so, I indirectly increase my impact far beyond my immediate (human) connections (we are ultimately all connected anyway)/

Book an introductory 1-2-1 with Stuart

Previous clients were kind enough to say…

“I can genuinely say that I have felt uplifted, positive and more confident after every session we have had”
NS – Award-winning Events Manager and mum

“Thank you for showing me that I ALWAYS have a choice, and each time I can choose again”
LL – Empowering women, especially Mums, to be their full selves

“I value my sessions with you tremendously - they bring me so much insight and inspiration”
JR – Award-winning Career Coach

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