One to One Guidance

Awaken to You; 3-month Programme:

If you're feeling the call to serve the world through your gifts and talents, the starting point is to be crystal clear who you truly are (not the illusion of your thoughts, feeling and beliefs), and what you'd love to create in the world 

The Awaken to You programme is 6 * fortnightly, one to one sessions, designed to reconnect you with your true nature and purpose.

A blend of face to face coaching (over Zoom), and recorded teachings, with homeplay to complete between sessions.

This is for you if you enjoy a structured approach, and/or you wish to have a taste of what it’s like to work with me one to one

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Master Your Life; 12-month One to One Coaching:

To Awakening and beyond!

Once you are reconnected to your true self, it can often take practice, and deeper awareness, to remember, and then choose, to spend more and more of your life in that connection.

Master Your Life will give you this practice, and hold you lovingly accountable to your vision/mission, so that you become fully aligned with your true self, and so that you craft your business to reflect your essence, in its brand, marketing, and how you serve your clients.

All the elements of Awaken to You are included, albeit we can be more fluid as to when they occur, plus there are many other powerful tools, as well as opportunities practice and embed your fresh awareness.

You can choose to experience Awaken To You first, in which case the remaining programme will be 9 months, and your investment will reflect that.

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Live Your Genius; 13-week (individual) programme

This programme is expressly for Coaches, who wish to bring their passion/mission more fully into the world

I co-host this with 2 other great coaches;

  • I help you truly reconnect with Your highest self, and clarify your purpose, mission and impact.
  • My colleague Andrew helps you weave a structure around this, so that you are more effective, efficient and appropriately remunerated
  • And Scott is a brilliant marketing coach who works exclusively with Coaches, to help them create regular and recurrent clients.

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