Programmes and Retreats

Design Your Future, 6-Week Programme:

When you’re truly aware of what you would love to create in the world, and also have a deeper awareness of what you may do to sabotage it, you can choose which of the Blends recorded trainings with weekly live sessions on Zoom, with powerful tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Teaching supported by experiential exercises, tools and Q&A, to imbed the learning.

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Know Thyself: Shadow and Fire - online learning programme

The more you know what goes on for you in your Humanness, and what it can unconsciously lead you to do (or not do), the greater your ability to set it aside (rather than try to fix or fight it) and choose to focus your attention on the things you would love to create, instead.

Recorded teaching, and practical tools/exercises, for you to work through at your own pace, plus a final in-person call on Zoom for Q&A etc.

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Design Your Future Residential Retreat:

Several times a year, we take the Design Your Future experience in-person and residential, and blend a few other powerful modalities into the mix, to give more of a Retreat flavour.

These are currently UK based in a beautiful Country House location

More information (and future dates as the arise) coming soon.

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